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Meditations for a Powerful You by Clare Connolly


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Meditations FOR A Powerful You

Welcome! On this site you will find all the accompanying guided meditations for 'Meditations for a Powerful You' book by Clare Connolly.

No need to create an account - just click on the top right hand drop down tab and you'll find all the meditations under the relevant chapter headings. All meditations are live now! Alternatively scan the relevant QR code in the back of the book and it will take you directly to the meditation you require.

You can use this site to enhance your meditation practice and deepen your connection with yourself. It is advised that you listen to the meditations through headphones if that is possible.

It is recommended that you buy the book for the full experience, as each meditation has it's own in-depth explanation within the book, along with essential meditation tips on how to get started and how to make the most of 'meditation' as a daily practice within your life. 

Meditations for a Powerful You is by Clare Connolly.

Published by CICO Books.

Illustrations by Gina Rosas Moncada © CICO Books.

About the Author 

Clare Connolly has been teaching yoga, meditation, and breathwork in London since 2007, is a HeartMath® coach and trainer, and presents a weekly meditation on BBC Radio which can be heard internationally. She also runs three wellness retreats a year in beautiful venues in Europe and the Mediterranean. A daily meditator herself, Clare believes meditation to be the most important moment of the day. Clare believes that everybody can experience the power of meditation with the right guidance. Clare recently moved to the beautiful Surrey Hills in the UK with

her dog Hicks and partner Andy. Find out more at and on Instagram @clareconnollywellness.

Clare Connolly Yoga Teacher, Meditations for a Powerful You Book

Guided Meditations by Clare Connolly

All of our meditations are guided by Clare Connolly, a seasoned meditation teacher and author. She has designed each meditation to help you connect with your inner power and manifest your best life. The meditations are designed to accompany the book 'Meditations for a Powerful You' available on Amazon and at all good book shops. 

Clare Connolly Meditation Teacher

Different Styles for Different Needs

The book is just like a recipe book. We offer a variety of meditation styles to suit your specific needs and you can flick to whichever meditation you need on that specific day. Whether it be mindfulness, increasing confidence, loving-kindness, and visualization. Each style can help you achieve a different goal, such as reducing stress or increasing self-love and energy.

Clare Connolly Guided Meditation

Community Board

At Meditations for a Powerful You, we believe that meditation can change lives. Our community is centered around the powerful benefits of meditation, from stress relief to mental clarity and increased self-awareness. Our community board is also a great way to share experiences and connect with others who share similar goals and interests.

How do I meditate?  from Meditations for a Powerful You Book by Clare Connolly

Enhance Your Meditation Practice

The guided meditations within 'Meditations for a Powerful You' book are designed to help you achieve a deeper state of relaxation and focus. You can access your meditations from any digital device, and practice with us as much as you want. The meditations are suitable for all ages and levels. Join our community and start manifesting your best life today.

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